Carolina Zelinski Fay da Silva Labor
Languages : Portuguese (native), English ans Spanish |VCARD

Carolina works with labor law, focused on corporative law, has experience in litigation with diversified corporate segments. She is responsible for monitoring judicial and administrative procedures, as well as strategy establishment and pleadings writing.

• Master of Laws student (PUCRS/2019-2020) – focus on procedural law;
• LL.B. Bachelor of Laws (PUCRS, 2018).

Additional activities
• Component of Research Group “Novas Tecnologias: Processo e Relações de Trabalho”, coordenated by LL.D. Denise Pires Fincato at PUCRS;
• Component of Research Group “Influência da Cultura no Processo”, coordenated by LL.D. Marco Félix Jobim, at PUCRS.

• Graduated with summa cum laude (PUCRS, 2018);
• Merit Scholarship – full scholarship for achieving first position at the entrance examination for LL.B. at PUCRS.