The Agribusiness team has solid expertise in matters that involve the complex chain of the agricultural sector. The area is involved in input supply operations, including guarantee structures, structuring of transactions involving agribusiness securities, economic and financial restructuring of manufacturers and cooperatives, disputes involving the acquisition of commodities and supply of inputs, acting in trial procedures and seizure of crops, livestock and other assets linked to agribusiness and acquisition and lease of rural properties.


Recent Representations

■ Representation of a large American agricultural cooperative in injunctive relief for commodity seizure and lawsuits aimed at credit recovery;

■ Legal advice to a farmers’ cooperative in matters related to rural credit instrument strategies for its members;

■ Representation of a large commodity trading company in injunctive relief for seizure of soybeans and lawsuits aimed at credit recovery;

■ Representation of a large commodity trading company in asset exchange operations and substitution of collaterals that remained registered over the assets;

■ Counselling to one of the biggest and most traditional cooperatives in the State of Rio Grande do Sul in an out-of-court restructuring; the advice encompasses restructuring in different fields of its business operations, from negotiating with creditors to drafting the restructuring plan and settling debts;

■ Representation of a Chinese commodity trading company in lawsuits aimed at credit recovery, including the liquidation of a farmers’ cooperative;

■ Counselling to a large farmers cooperative in strategic lawsuits aimed at credit recovery against its members.