This area approaches criminal issues from a truly multidisciplinary angle, working with the other areas of Souto Correa Advogados in preventive, consultancy and litigation matters.
Its units in Brasília, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo cover the entire national territory, providing assistance to natural and legal persons regarding criminal matters and follow-up of criminal investigations and actions before federal and state courts.
This area’s deep involvement in each case, together with the technical knowledge of the team members, guarantees quick answers and efficient solutions in all stages of the process (including defense before the police). In addition, the work takes into account the specifics of each client’s sector, providing high quality legal advice in areas such as:

■ bidding crimes;
■ cartels and other anti-competitive practices;
■ corruption crimes;
■ money laundering;
■ tax-related crimes;
■ crimes against the economic order;
■ crimes in consumer relations;
■ crimes against the financial system;
■ crimes against public administration;
■  crimes against honor;
■ bankruptcy crimes;
■ environmental crimes;
■ industrial and intellectual property crimes.

Given the risks and possible consequences for individuals and their companies, the specialized team includes the following services:

■ Filing of private criminal lawsuits;
■  Support as assistance to prosecution;
■ Criminal defense before the police and judicial authorities, including before the Supreme Court;
■ Drafting of requests to initiate police inquiries;
■ Legal opinions on criminal matters;
■ Due diligence in criminal matters;
■ Staff training on how to deal with the police and related authorities.